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By 2173 man has created a new breed of space explorer. Relying on *FLEXOR technology, mankind’s trailblazers are physically re-engineered to mine the most inhospitable planets. Crushing gravity, radioactivity and toxic air are no longer considerations for these human-bulldozers.
Stav Fortell is a troubled young soldier who becomes aware of his Herculean heritage when the Flexor process super-charges his hidden Olympian DNA. Haunted by an apocalyptic prophecy Stav must enter (and win) a war for Earth… The very war the Olympian gods

themselves have lost.

*FundamentaL EXogenous Organic Reconstruction.



Born of a mother who suffered from delusions of grandeur — believing her son would save humanity — and a father who left before he was born, Stav has had a pretty rough beginning. Now trying to get a fresh start in the military, he finds out sometimes

he can be his own worst enemy.


But Stav is oblivious to the fact that he is a Heraclid — a descendant of Heracles — and by prophecy, the savior of mankind. That is, until he is called upon by Zeus to champion an interstellar war, with the very existence of Earth at stake.


After slaughtering his entire family in a psychotic fit spurred on by the

Olympian gods, Tobias took vengeance on the Olympians then fled

to the stars. Hiding on the outskirts of a godforsaken planet

he dwells in bitterness, mourning his family and past life.

Little does he know a single heir, Stav survives. An unknown son

who will force Tobias to make the hardest choice of his life.

A bastard to an unknown royal father, Merdach-Got has violently
worked his way to the top of the alien Monarchy of Orglan. His

ambition to overtake the throne, far from secret. When he is

chosen by his gods to champion a war against humanity, which he

seeks to destroy, he gets the chance to fulfill both his greatest


Growing up with the legacy of two brothers who died in service, Eridis strives to prove herself worthy. She enlisted gung-ho, ready

to show her potential.


Taking part in an interstellar war to determine the fate of Earth
is just the opportunity she’s been looking for: if she survives,

she’ll become a hero in their honor, if she dies she’ll add her legacy to their own.

The protagonist of Flexors

The antagonist

Major character